La Filà Almogavers encourages you to stay home with a video

16 March 2020 - 13: 48

Quarantine has affected all sectors of the population equally. Also to the festive collectives, such as the falleros and falleras who have seen the parties for which they have been working for a year truncated.

Also, of course, Moors and Christians. One of these lines, Almogavers, has released a video to support the # Quédateencasa campaign, where the festivities belonging to it appear from their respective homes.

The Almogàvers filà #esquedaacasa. Share a small piece of our afinament. Cadascuna des de la seua posició vos send a poc d'il.lusió perquè tot passarà! Som guerreres i tea not to guanyar the virus this, per molta corona that tinga. Wake up ferro !!!!

Published by Filà Almogavers Dénia on Monday, March 16 of 2020

1 Comment
  1. Pau Pont says:

    Very good Almogavers initiative. The Corsaris are also at home.

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