The Falla Diana claims the care of the planet in the presentation of Judith Fernández

On Friday night the top representatives of the Fallas from Dénia to witness the first act of filing adult charges of the season. The Diana fails and, therefore, Pablo García and Judith Fernández, as President and Fallera Mayor, were in charge of inaugurating the calendar of presentations of the Fallas.

The event took place in the crowded Social Center, a few meters from the heart of Diana: Pintor Llorens Street. No one wanted to miss Judith's exaltation. From the beginning, the public understood that they were not present before a presentation, but since the gala was present, the claim for the planet was present, with environmental messages that sought to raise awareness about the care of the environment to everyone who was there .

But there were also times to escape and get excited about the recent history of the Diana Falla. After the presentation of Pablo García as the new President, the commission of Diana and her Fallera Mayor, Judith Fernández, the outgoing charges took the stage to make the transfer of witnesses, recalling all that was lived and saying goodbye, but not before encouraging her successors in the adventure that lay ahead.

But, without a doubt, the most exciting moment of the gala was that of Judith's exaltation, carried out by her sister and her partner, with which the Fallera Mayor could not hide her smile bathed in tears.

Tears that infected Paul when it was the turn of Judith's speech, in which he showed how fortunate she was and excited to make this an unforgettable year for Diana.

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