The solidarity blood donation with Femmicc attracts 11 new donors

August 05 from 2021 - 11: 22

The last Blood donation made in Dénia by the Valencian Community Transfusion Center, in which it has had the collaboration of the Federació de Moros i Cristians de Dénia, ended with a high participation (30% more) and with the incorporation of 11 new donors who participated in this solidarity donation for the first time.

The Solidarity Donation #festerssolidaris took place on Wednesday afternoon at the facilities of the Social Center. In total, 56 people showed up, of which 48 were able to donate blood, and 11 did so for the first time.

The FEMMICC board of directors, festeros and Primers Tros 2019-22, paraded through the Social Center to join this solidarity donation led by the president of the entity, Jaime Ferrer.

The Councilor for Health of the City Council of Dénia, Javier Scotto di Tella, thanked the FEMMICC partygoers for their collaboration in this donation at a time when the blood banks of the hospitals of the Valencian Community are at a minimum during the summer, further aggravated by the Covid effect that prevents organizing donations of blood regularly.

Javier Scotto indicated to the board of directors chaired by Jaime Ferrer, who has the solidarity of one of the most important festive groups in the population, such as the Moors and Christians of Dénia, and thanked the management carried out so that the participation rose 30% above the donations made previously.

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