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  1. Érika says:

    Well, in the case of our family and I do not know whether to put a 0 or a minus something because everything is terrible ... the food, the service, the owner's treatment ...

    Let's say upon arrival we had table reserved for 20 (there were many other, but certain things have no excuse) and I already noticed that to have it booked for some days, we had gotten a little tight (some of us we had to apelotonar by corners but it's because fit more customers on the terrace right?) but hey, I'm not a person of delicate requirements and did not mind too much.

    As there were so many of us, so as not to mess up the waiters, we wrote down everything we wanted on a piece of paper and told them, grouped into first and second courses and then what the children wanted so that they could bring it to them earlier. We were waiting for food (even the children) for more than 3/4 of an hour, nor did they bring us the drink (in fact there were some adults who finished their first course and still had no drink and that they were only cokes in those cases) . When the food was finally brought to the children, first you had to see the pint of the spaghetti but then you had to try the mixed paella (an invention that I still can't digest, pun intended, but hey, that's not the fault of this restaurant because this recipe is already established throughout the Levantine coast and part of the peninsula)… not a drop of salt! but nothing, it's not that he was bland, it's that he had forgotten the salt. Well, who has not ever forgotten to add salt to something or perhaps has put it twice by mistake? but we told the waiter (who was the owner) and instead of saying the normal "I'm sorry, I'll tell the cook" or "I'm going to try it" ... something like that. Well no, he puffed out his chest as if it were a personal offense and the man very cocky told us that his wife was the cook and that he had never tasted better paella than his wife's in his life. Which we do not discuss but he had to understand that it had no salt but nothing, he was still in his thirteen and he even said that if the paella was like that it was because maybe it had to be like that, sorry? You sneak that one over to a foreigner or someone who has never tried a paella, but we are precisely from Valencia. Well, for three or four times he came with the same song and the adults who had ordered paella at the end, because of his cockiness they wanted to change it but the man told them that those paellas would come from another ... LIE ... other paellas that came out without salt. Finally the man ventured to test it in the kitchen and came with a salt shaker saying that it was true, that it had no salt.
    I tell all this takes place in almost 2 hours we were waiting for the 2 dishes on the menu.

    Of the second course, I will only say that one of the people at the table asked what garnish the grilled tuna had because he is allergic to tomato and he wanted to make sure, they told him that garlic and parsley picaeta and potato salad, perfect. When we managed to get the second ones to be brought in, the tuna (which, of course, had little tuna, was emperor) was garnished with green beans with a questionable tomato sauce, the waiter is told that a certain person cannot have tomato and they bring him the same piece Emperor on another plate with fried potatoes that are put to make bravas (and those that come out frozen from a supermarket bag) that if you turned the cut of grouper ... it was all covered in tomato. Total, that person went from eating the second course because asking and taking 1/2 an hour to bring you something new was an odyssey.
    And the people who asked piquillo peppers stuffed? for nothing, there had the others waiting while we ate the main courses to finally tell you that there were no peppers, very professional.

    Don't forget about the drinks! we asked for tinto de verano ... and they wanted to strain us 3 1/2 liter jugs for 15 adults and of all the times the owner came to bring things he didn't realize they had made the wrong jugs until someone of us told them and finally they brought us large jugs, but come on, they wanted to strain us the small ones is a fact.

    What else? oh yeah… when we finished eating they came to pick us up several times and none of them asked us about the desserts, when they finished picking us up they had us half an hour without anyone visiting us until my sister and my cousin came to tell them we wanted desserts. They told us the desserts, there were exactly 3 Calatrava breads, 5 lemon tarts and then flan and ice cream. Since I love Calatrava bread (which is supposed to be flan with sponge cake soaked in honey) I started to order the first one so that in the end it would turn out to be a normal flan but with cinnamon that cinnamon makes me very disgusting. Yes, I ran out of dessert. And finally the coffees (when we managed to get them to come out again to order them), in short ... my mother ran out of her coffee because she had stopped ordering again and I was almost too and because I got heavy.

    Anyway, we left there at 18: 30h afternoon.

    Good luck to those who choose this restaurant

    • Nando says:

      Hi Erika, do not know what Kitchen Lola was you or if you had very bad luck, but I was last year in Denia the second half of July and went several days for lunch and dinner at this restaurant, and the food was great, especially rice, which in those days I had time to try the seafood paella, mixed paella, black rice and rice a banda.

      What if I give you the reason is that many days, usually on weekends, were a bit slow, but as we were on vacation we were not in a hurry.
      This year we return to Denia and of course repeat.



    • Angel says:

      They are a disaster.

      • maria says:

        I'm from Denia and have eaten many times at this restaurant, and also I've spent something like Erica, the paella was malisima lacked salt and tasted like it was made without broth, that I think it happens only day they have a lot work and do not have enough staff because they are quiet sun days the food comes out good. and I have not been eating paella, but rice or other side dish if and I liked

  2. Montserrat says:

    What a lovely place, lovely owners, and home-cooked food, well seasoned, and prices fully asequibles.Le give you a 10.

  3. Pepa says:

    We tried the Cokes were ratatouille and delicious. the terrace is nice.

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