Juan Caravaca: "Paintings are windows that we put our imagination at home"

08 October 2019 - 13: 38

This morning, the artist Juan Caravaca has presented his exhibition of paintings and sculptures that can be visited in the Art Gallery of the Marina de Denia until the November 15 and that, during this week, the author himself will be present to receive the visits and explain the process of elaboration of each work and its meaning.

Again, the Marina of Dénia is committed to regional artists to give visibility to their work, thus enhancing the cultural offer of the town. On this occasion, it is Juan Caravaca's turn, which, after participating in the exhibition Waterfront Sculptures, he exhibits his pictorial work as well as several smaller sculptures, this time of wrought iron. "A very unique work that is worth seeing in detail", said the director of Marina de Dénia, Gabriel Martínez, who has accompanied the artist during the presentation.

Caravaca, meanwhile, wanted to thank Martínez for his "Fight" Because people understand and enjoy the modern art of the region. "They are windows that we put at home to the imagination"; This is how he has defined the exposed work that, for the first time, will feature sculptures.

A total of 13 large works and between 15 and 20 small works, which is not usual to find exposed but that are ideal, as Caravaca comments, for those people who want to start collecting art. Among the above, there is new work and older work so that people can see the trajectory that the artist has taken during all this time.

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