Jovana Balaguer (EU): "We want a government that guarantees a sustainable future and equal opportunities in Dénia"

May 16 from 2019 - 00: 00

Following the interviews with the candidates for the mayoralty of Dénia, today we speak with Jovana Balaguer Manzano, mayor of Esquerra Unida.

Make an assessment of the legislature that ends

Actually the assessment that we can do from outside the town hall and from the street, is that in Dénia the government team has managed much better than its predecessors, but we believe that many more things can be done, especially in social measures aimed at equality of opportunities and a more ecologically sustainable and diversified development.

How would Dénia change in the event that you govern?

We are a leftist, feminist and environmentalist candidate, so we believe in a diversified economic model that, without neglecting tourism as the main source of promotion for the city, takes care of other aspects, such as social services, environmental protection, protection to women victims of sexist violence, and above all a strong commitment to free education from the 0 years.

What are the main strategic lines of your government program?

Our government program is clearly of the left, and as such our main function is to guarantee that in Dénia there is equal opportunity in all facets of life for any person.

And, specifically, what would be your first action after taking possession of the mayor's office?

It must be clear that there is a pre-fixed line, with annual actions already committed. There would be a continuity time that we would use to audit the functioning of the town hall and know how to proceed to start working on our program.

What differentiates you from the rest of the candidates?

I belong to a group that has always prioritized people and in this line we intend to carry out our work.

Do you think that the results of the general and regional elections can be extrapolated to the municipal elections?

In part, they may be because a percentage of the vote is moved by the trends of the moment, although Dénia has its particularities.

In what margin of councilors would its success or electoral failure?

The failure would be clear, it would be to not get representation. The success for us would be to be useful for Dénia to have a government of the left, solidarity, ecologist, and feminist.

What message would you like to send to the public?

Trust in the EU team. Between all and all we can achieve a government for Dénia that guarantees a sustainable future and equal opportunities.

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