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Tense day of rescues on the beaches of Dénia that coincide with the second day of the search for the disappeared

18 July 2019 - 10: 17

Red Cross Dénia rescuers had an intense day on the coast of the Marina Alta capital on Wednesday. The poor state of the sea meant that they had to rescue two people from the water, with quick and effective responses from the vigilantes, while at the same time they continued searching for the bather who disappeared on Tuesday.

The Red Cross Dénia workers had no rest during the day yesterday. Approximately at midday 12, with the yellow flag waving, from one of the surveillance chairs located on Les Deveses beach was observed a woman between 40 and 50 years ago who was nervous trying to stay afloat. The lifeguard who saw her, after giving the warning, launched herself for the victim who was already asking for help and who at that moment was struggling to stay afloat.

The woman who was vacationing in Dénia was 100 meters from the shore, but the quick response of the lifeguard did not happen to adults. According to reports from the Red Cross, the victim had swallowed a lot of water and did not respond to the offer of the lifeguard when approaching her to start the towing maneuver to the shore.

Once extracted from the water, the corresponding ground measurements were applied so that all the water that had been swallowed was discarded and they proceeded with the ambulance to transfer it to the Health Center. The relief team received the congratulations of bathers and the victim and family members for their impeccable performance.

A woman is helped after hitting her head in El Trampolí

On the other hand, on the other side of the coast, Les Rotes, at the height of the Trampolí and already the 17: 00 had to attend to another woman for a cranoencefálico traumatism. It happened when the swimmer threw herself headfirst from the trampoline located on that beach without measuring well, hitting her head against the rocks that are there.

With a bleeding gorge in her head and stunned, she was taken out of the water by the bathers who were there while the lifeguard ran to take care of her. The ambulance of the Red Cross also moved to the place, which, together with the help of a doctor and nurse who were enjoying a bath, immobilized the victim with the board, healed the wound to stop the bleeding and then proceeded to his transfer to the Dénia Hospital.

The search efforts of the disappeared bather continue

All this happened while they continued with the search for the bather disappeared on Tuesday at noon, seen for the last time swimming on Els Molins beach. The helicopter, two jet skis and several land patrols continued working to find the man who has been missing for two days. At the same time, Red Cross Dénia gave psychological support with professionals to the family of the disappeared.

Today they have resumed the search of the man from very early, this time without to the support of the helicopter of Marine Rescue understanding that he has covered all the territory from the air in repeated patrols without any result.

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  1. Inma García says:

    It is a real shame, as Dénia City Council treats the residents of Les Deveses, but more specifically in one section. Said stretch I am to ensure, that of the most visited by bathers especially families with children, for its wonderful sandy beach.
    We do not have a flag, we do not have a lifeguard in 500, we do not have Lavapiés, that is, we have a beach for dogs, total absence, local police.
    This section is the one located on the first breakwater up to the rocks located in front of the first line villas. Paralela to Riu Deva street.
    Here we can drown quietly, nothing happens.
    Municipality of Dénia, councilor of beaches, for when a little round here.
    Shameful Delegate Councilor of Beaches

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