Instituto Canino Dénia, the perfect solution to get to have a balanced relationship with your dog

06 September 2018 - 00: 29

Each dog is different, its personality, its character, its activity, that's why, in Canine Institute Dénia They are to help you enjoy without frustrations of your pet, getting personalized attention and oriented to the needs of each dog.

Sandra will be your guide in correcting unwanted dog behaviors, such as barking, aggression, anxiety, phobias, etc. Choose your class as a group, individually or according to your needs. They have a wide track for learning and correction, where different types of classes are taught.

Among its services, the following stand out:

- Individual classes adapted to the needs of the client.

- Group classes of socialization and emotional management.

- Obedience group classes.

- Practical class to learn to control the dog on the walk.

- Practical class of basic care of the dog.

- Practical class of education of the puppy.

- Professional Canine Trainer Course

- Technical Course on Behavior Modification

In addition, Canine Institute will also help you in basic education from puppies. And they are specialists in the clinical and educational psychodiagnosis of the dog.

Being happy with your dog is important. For more information you can contact on the phone 697 54 97 31 or via email to institutocaninodenia@gmail.com

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