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Ineca asks that Mazón's budgets prioritize the TRAM connection between Dénia and Gandia

November 30 from 2023 - 14: 23

The Alicante Institute of Economic Studies (Ineca) has presented a detailed analysis of the Generalitat Budget proposal, which will be the first under the administration of Carlos Mazón. In its evaluation, according to La Razón, the institute highlights the importance of undertaking the execution of the TRAM between Dénia and Gandia at the provincial level in 2024.

This project is of special interest for the regions of the Marina Alta and La Safor, who for decades have advocated for the realization of this connection. The initiative would not only link both regions, but would also establish a direct connection between the provinces of Valencia and Alicante. This project has been a recurring theme in electoral campaigns, appearing in the programs of most political parties as a promise. However, until now, it has not been carried out.

Although during the last campaign and pre-campaign the possibility of creating a tram that ran through the beaches between the two regional capitals, the need for a train route persists, as highlighted by Ineca in its analysis. Although the budgets include an item for this purpose, the allocation is only 25.000 euros, intended to begin a preliminary study.

  1. Riky says:

    And again a train accident without serious consequences apparently on Av Joan Chabas... today, December 4, 20:50 p.m. They have to put up the barriers, it is proven that just having the traffic lights on red is not enough... invest in barriers... but Let people not pay them but rather those who wanted to save a few euros in exchange for these always possible accidents...

  2. boutrais jacques says:

    tres tres bonne idée, je ne comprends pas que cette idée en soit a l'etude alors qu'elle devrait etre achevée!!!

  3. Margherita says:

    Who believes it?