Fire in the kitchen area of ​​a restaurant in the port of Dénia

This Saturday afternoon, around the 18: 39 hours, a fire has been declared in the kitchen area of ​​a restaurant located at the end of Marqués de Campo, in the port of Dénia.

Members of the Regional Park of Firefighters of Dénia have moved to the area to work in the work of extinction. Minutes after the 19: 00 hours, the fire was controlled. At night and dinner service, the restaurant was able to offer the service normally booked.

It is the second fire in a matter of hours in Dénia. At noon, an abandoned toy factory burned on Avenida de Castellón, a fire that forced some residents of the area to confine and temporarily cut traffic on the avenue.

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Comments on "Fire in the kitchen area of ​​a restaurant in the port of Dénia"


  1. Dani :

    The worst has been that the street was closed to traffic and firefighters have had problems accessing the site if they continue to pedestrianize streets at the end the firefighters will have to come by air. The fault is the current municipal corporation that seems to be more important to make a nice street to look for people.

  2. Dani :

    The worst has been the difficulty that firefighters have had to access the place since the street is pedestrian and was closed to traffic in fact there is a block at the entrance of this street that inpides the entrance even of cars what is I have seen it myself and I have seen that they have had to COLLECT THE HOSE to be able to put out the fire the truth THIS IS A LITTLE SHAME here does not look for anybody I hope that this is corrected at least by the people who do not owe anything


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