A neighbor saves the tenant from a second floor that has burned down in Dénia

Several police officers and two fire trucks moved to Sagunto Street on Wednesday, August 14, where the warning of a spectacular fire inside a house was given. It is a second floor, where firefighters were about an hour fighting it.

The first hypothesis of the cause of the fire was that it was started by a candle that lit a curtain while the tenant of the house was showering, which had to be attended by the ambulance by smoke inhalation, although it did not require transfer to the hospital. In addition, other 5 people had to be treated for the same reason.

However, subsequent investigations rule out that a candle started the fire and suggest that the cause would be the failure of a power strip, in the absence of the expert ruling during the next few days.

The alarm was given by their neighbors when they saw smoke coming out the windows and door of the affected floor. Samuel, who was visiting his sister's house, was the one who notified the emergency services and entered the affected building to help the possible victims. He tells that only one young man was in the apartment who was taking a shower and had not realized what was happening in the rest of the house. Without a word, Samuel took him out of the house, returning later to find out if there were more people or animals inside, and when he saw that it was not like that, he tried to extinguish the flames until the firemen arrived.

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