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Very important victory of the Preferred Senior Men in their trip to Benissa (77-86)

22 December 2022 - 08: 55

Good match for Carlos Vila's men, which represents the first away victory achieved this season.

After a start to the game with low success rates by both teams, the locals began to take advantage of the second chances offered by their superiority in offensive rebounding.

Despite adjusting the defense to avoid this imbalance, everything seemed to remain the same, although at least in attack the Dianenses managed to improve, thus compensating for their lack of blocking the rebound.

Already in the second quarter they knew how to be more attentive to the interior passing lanes, hindering their offensive fluidity and, consequently, achieving quick transitions that allowed them to change the course of the game, reaching halftime with a 7-point lead.

The local team was clear that there was still a lot to play for and even more so on the day of the presentation of the club's teams, which meant a certain atmosphere in the stands that celebrated each and every one of their baskets.

They increased their defensive intensity on the player with the ball, which allowed them to close the gap on the scoreboard. But the DBC team knew how to remain calm and hold possession of the ball with the necessary force, which gave them the opportunity to visit the free throw line on numerous occasions.

The good percentage from this distance and the success achieved in clearing situations led them to overcome the advantage of ten points. Distance that would serve, initially, to ensure a relatively comfortable end of the game.

But it couldn't be like that, since the young team from Benissa managed to hit two desperate three-pointers that put the Dénia Básquet in a bind in the last moments, demanding maximum concentration until the final whistle.

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