Ignasi Candela (Més Compromís): "That in 45 years not a single Government of Spain has been able to unite the Valencian and Alicante coasts by train is significant"

28 October 2019 - 13: 46

The candidacy formed by Compromís and Más País has denounced the state of the railway infrastructure of the Valencian Community this weekend in the Marina Alta, an Alicante region disconnected from the railway network that links Alicante with Valencia for 45 years ago and that only has the car as a means of transport. “We need a government that knows that betting on the train is taking care of the land and making it easier for people who can live their day outside the car”, said the candidate for the Congress of Deputies, Ignasi Candela.

The candidacy has defended this weekend in Dénia -in the assembly of the unlocking and various meetings next to the number 2 of the candidacy, María Jose Garcia- the commitment to this means of transport to the detriment of others such as "an essential step in the fight against climate change in a territory that is in a climate emergency". "It is one of the biggest challenges we have to face as a society and most of our programmatic proposals will go in that direction.", said Ignasi Candela, who will present next Monday with Llum Quiñonero, candidate for Congress, the Commitment-More Country program to the November 10 elections.

“That in 45 years not a single Government of Spain has known how to connect the Valencian and Alicante coasts by train is significant. And that in the context of the climatic emergency that we suffer, from the Moncloa nobody has advanced in the construction of 30 kilometers of railroad between Dénia and Gandia, not a good future for the citizens of the Valencian Community or for the rest of the State ”, Candela said, thus arguing the need for training in Madrid with a clear ecological vocation.

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  1. Yolanda says:

    It is a real shame that a population "of the category that boasts" Denia does not have a railway line to match. The only option is the sheep that leaves Alicante with a line change in Benidorm and that takes half a life. A lot of yacht Lady Moura, lots of publicity for more yachts to come and we don't have a train that comes from Valencia. Coming from the center of the peninsula by ave to Valencia is a pleasant trip, but of course, wait then for the bus that takes you to Denia. You try to catch a Ave that does not make you wait two hours at the station until the bus arrives, and If you are lucky you will connect with the one that stops only in Gandia, if not, you take a tour of the different towns. That is to say, it takes less time to come from Madrid to Valencia than from Valencia to Denia? The lack of interest in solving the problem is palpable. They could perfectly put the station near the shopping center, so it would serve Onda ra and Denia. Taxis would have more work, and a bus line could even be created for nearby towns. Joining Gandia with Denia, Calpe, Benidorm… fast train that services towns on the coast.

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