Drum & Brass percussion and metal winds group, the new Batucada Azäleé Grup show by percussió d'El Verger

Batucada Azäleé Grup de percussió d'El Verger is actively participating in the parties of Moors and Christians which are celebrated throughout the Valencian Community. This year they have offered three different shows in the parades, one of them unpublished:

  • Percussion group
  • Percussion and ballet group: Ballet Ángela Pellicer de Villalonga
  • Percussion group and metal winds: Drum & Brass. It is a new exclusive and unpublished group in the Valencian Community that premiered at the Els Poblets parade, where it was performed almadrava, a ballet composed by the director of Batucada Azäleé Grup of percussió d'El Verger, Abel Escolano, in honor of the Mora Almadrava Captaincy.

    It is important to offer percussion shows to the captains, to lead or enrich the pageantry pageantry. In that sense, 2019 is being very productive. Batucada Azäleé Grup de percussió d'El Verger will participate in a total of six Moors and Christians parades: it has already passed through Moraira, Pego, Llaurí and Els Poblets. And now he goes to L'Atzúbia and Villalonga. If you also want to have your rhythms, call 659 76 96 77, find out and book.

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