Grimalt surrounds himself with all the municipal groups, except Compromís, in a speech against the intolerant

After several years, the City Council has again organized an institutional event for Valencians Day, in front of the Dianense town hall. It has been celebrated after the performance of Dianium Dansa who, with their traditional dances, have paraded from the Jaume I square to the Constitution Square.

The act, in which the councilors of all municipal groups in the City Council were present except for Compromís, that shortly before celebrated an event of the 9 d'Octubre, has started with the reading of a scene of Tirant lo Blanc by the councilman Óscar Mengual.

After the mayor has given way, Vicent Grimalt, which, surrounded by the councilors of all present formations, has delivered the institutional discourse in front of the hundred attendees. A very critical speech with the new intolerant movements, with which he encouraged «Stand up to the discourse of hate that makes a country very proud of everything achieved». «It is a day to say what kind of people we want to be and claim without complexes that we are Valencians», declared the mayor.

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