Grimalt bet for continuity in the distribution of delegations to his team of councilors

After the constitution of the new city council last Saturday, this Monday morning, the mayor Vicent Grimalt, has announced the distribution of councils and delegations for the next four years. A continuist distribution, in which the councilors of the last legislature continue with the same delegations.

City Hall Tendencies

During the next four years, the councilors who will hold the mayoral tenures, and will therefore be part of the Local Government Board, will be:

  • 1ª City Hall Tenure: Cristina Morera Vengut
  • 2ª City Hall Tenure: Maria Josep Ripoll Berenguer
  • 3ª City Hall Tenure: Paco Roselló Sirerol
  • 4ª City Hall Tenure: Maite Pérez Conejero
  • 5ª City Hall Tenure: Javier Scotto Di Tella Manresa
  • 6ª City Hall Tenure: Elisabet Cardona Almiñana
  • 7ª City Hall Tenure: Raúl David García of the Reina Martínez

General delegations

Cristina Morera will hold the delegation of Equality and Inclusive Policies, which encompasses the areas of Social Welfare, Housing, Public Health, Equality and Diversity.

The area of Culture, Education and Sports is to Raúl David García of the Reina Martínez. This area also includes youth, parties and cooperation and international relations.

Maria Josep Ripoll will remain responsible in matters of Territory and Urban QualityWhile Paco Roselló repeats as a delegate in matters of Estate.

The Environment area is now called Ecological Transition, and your councilor will be Maite Pérez Conejero, also mayor of La Xara. For his part, the mayor of Jesús Pobre, Javier Scotto, will continue to lead the area of Citizen Protection.

Finally, Elisabet Cardona assumes again Major Policies, which includes the Nursing Home, the Day Center, the Social Center and the Classrooms of the Experience.

Special delegations

Within the general delegations the specific delegations are collected, which are distributed as follows:

  • Javier Scotto assumes Equality and Diversity within the area of ​​Inclusive Policies.
  • Óscar Mengual stays with the department of Parties, which is included in socio-cultural matters.
  • Sandra Gertrúdix will take care of Occupation policy, CREAMA and Commerce, markets, markets and fairs, within the area of ​​Finance, Personnel, Modernization and Economic Promotion.
  • Pepe Doménech Mahiques assumes Parks and gardens; and Planning and management of beaches: beaches and cleanliness in the area of ​​Ecological Transition; in addition to Citizen participation and good government.
  • Melani Ivars Rojas will take care of Education and Youth, encompassed in the Sociocultural area; Prevention of Addictions (Social Welfare) and Transparency.

The mayor keeps Tourism

The mayor reserves, as in the last term, Press, Protocol, Linguistic Normalization, Citizen Participation and good government, City Hall, Tourism and the delegation of Creative City of Gastronomy.

Four councilors released

During this term, in addition to the mayor, there will be four full-time councilors, one more than in the last legislature. Javier Scotto and Maria Josep Ripoll are joined by Cristina Morera and Maite Pérez Conejero.

Negotiations with the other parties

The mayor of Dénia explained that during the morning of Monday they had a meeting with Mario Vidal, councilor of Gent de Dénia, who has been offered to take charge of a special delegation of the Montgó. It would be to manage a technical office through Aigües de Dénia through which to study how and when to execute the sewerage and asphalt plan in the Montgó area.

For the moment they have not received an answer as to whether the councilor will accept or not, but from the government team they have been convinced that they will accept this special delegation.

This afternoon they will have a meeting with the Councilors of Citizens, who will be offered delegations that did not accept the councilors of Compromís: Linguistic Normalization, Agriculture and Fisheries, Cooperation and Immigration, TAPIS, OMIC, Cemetery and Pests.

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