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Great debut of cadet athlete Ivy Van Baal in the combined tests

04 December 2019 - 14: 55

The track of the Río Túria de València Stadium hosted a federated control in which two athletes from the EM Athletics Dénia-CA Baleària Diànium participated. In the cadet category, Ivy Van Baal did it in the combined tests, completing five of them, in four as a debutant.

Despite not having any experience, he got good marks. In the test of the 60 meters fences made 10.94, in the high jump he set the bar at 1.35 meters, threw the weight up to the 6.68, executed a better long jump of 4.30 and finished the 600 smooth meters with a time of 2.02,69.

The total sum of points in the set of tests performed by Ivy Van Baal was 2.203 points. This meant being in ninth place in a high level competition where 70 athletes participated.

On the other hand, the child athlete Erika Miralles Cots participated in the 500 smooth meters and in the 60 smooth meters. He clearly improved his previous personal brands with very good records.

Both athletes were accompanied throughout the day by Aina Fornés, one of the coaches that has the EM Athletics Dénia-CA Baleària Diànium.

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