Gent de Dénia requires more information about the City Council projects and that citizen participation is available

Gent de Dénia has shown this noon his dissatisfaction with the government procedure when approving projects that affect the town. As stated by its spokesman, Mario Vidal, several contracts and investments are being made on issues that affect citizens without any notification or opportunity to participate in the processes.

Vidal has made explicit reference to the beach regeneration project published in some media, but that, according to the spokesman of the Dianense formation, they have not been consulted or a campaign has been carried out to inform citizens, so as to make them participants as required with landscape reports. In addition, it emphasizes the budget of a project of such magnitude, in which approximately 30 million euros will be invested, which would be 60% of the City Council budget.

However, Gent de Dénia has expressed his joy in advancing the beach regeneration project that will allow the recovery of the dune, but regretting the lack of publicity. «It is not worth saying that they are projects of the Ministry, because we have the right of citizens to find out and participate», declares Vidal. In addition, they are worried about the extraction of sludge that could affect the ports of Altea, Benidorm and Valencia, where it is planned to deposit them.

The unnecessary investment in the garbage collection sheet

Just as it has happened with the beach regeneration project, Gent de Dénia has also wanted to show his disagreement with the award of the study for the bidding of garbage collection. According to Mario Vidal, the 14.900 € are going to be unnecessarily destined to a company to carry out said specifications, when it should be the neighbors themselves, neighborhoods and associations who have the floor to determine the points where to place the containers.

"We do not like to spend public money on something that associations and neighbors can do", have been the exact words of Vidal with which he has demanded a «Real public participation» to achieve the best garbage service for the city.

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