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Gent de Dénia describes as "powerful" the way the PSOE acts "when he does not need to do it"

24 December 2019 - 08: 27

Gent de Dénia yesterday made the traditional political balance before the end of the year. An assessment in which the councilor, Mario Vidal, thanked the confidence of the government team in its formation by delivering a council and being able to show that they are there to favor the people, but criticized the way the socialist team acts, "he shows arrogant when he doesn't need it".

Vidal points out that everyone works with the same goal, for Dénia, "They have an absolute majority and we don't understand why the last motions presented make them their own. An action that makes us feel bad because all we want is to improve our city."

The councilor of Gent de Dénia was eager to continue fighting for the 980 voters he represents "and we will continue working to surpass that number in the next elections".

Vidal asks for 2020 that the negative points be corrected "since they do not contribute anything good, but harm the relationship that may exist."

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