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Francés and Javi were the winners of the 'Santisima Sang' Trophy of scale i corda

17 July 2018 - 06: 02

The lovers of the Valencian pilota enjoyed the game corresponding to the "Santísma Sang Trophy", which was held in trinquet "the Rovellet", From Dénia. The game promised moments of great emotion as the four players have a very contrasted quality. The final victory was for the pair formed by French and Javi by 60 to 55 before the duo formed by Soro III and Felix.

The fans responded and you could see a trinquet with a lot of public that followed closely the development of the game. French got the 25 by 15, later Soro III scored the 40 by 25.

In the final part of the game one last push of the blue pair, formed by French and Javi allowed them to take the win by 60 to 55, after two hours of departure.

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