Fallas weekend in Dénia: opening of the Ninot Exhibition and galas

February 21 from 2022 - 10: 08

Our Fallas of Dénia are getting closer and it is already noticeable in the streets. Throughout the weekend, different acts of the 2022 fallera program have taken place, so the representatives of each commission have dusted off their traditional costumes to reconnect with the party.

On Saturday, the 2020-2022 positions gathered in Plaça del Martell in the afternoon to, after touring the center, go to the Casa de la Marquesa where the Ninot 2022 Exhibition was inaugurated. After this, the celebration of a gala dinner to deliver the Exemplary Fallero badges to Jose Maria Chornet Adsuar, Sisco Perles Caudeli and Jose Navarro García, in the Jauja room of Baleària Port.

On Sunday it was the turn of the children, who experienced the delivery of rewards after the performance of the magician Santi Marcilla.

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