All Saints Fair

Fair of All Saints, as its name suggests, is installed in Denia coinciding with the celebration. For more than three weeks Torrecremada parking welcomes the installation of dozens of attractions for young and old that encourage residents of the region to visit the city.

In addition to the attractions at the fair prize machines, raffles, stalls selling sweets and goodies, takeaway stalls and traditional churros they are installed.

Grasshoppers in Dénia Fair

When is celebrated

The most important day of the fair is the 1 November, but the attractions are installed about ten days before and can be enjoyed until the second week of November in the parking lot of Torrecremada. Therefore, the celebration dates vary depending on the calendar, but will always be between the months of October and November.

Where installed

As mentioned, the attractions of the Fair of All Saints are installed in the car park Torrecremada, next to the park that bears the same name and very close to the Courts of the city of Denia.

Fair location All Saints

Prices of attractions

Prices vary depending attractions of the danger and every year. In 2015, every trip into an attraction was about 3 euros.

Child day

During the three weeks of the Fair several days of the Child on the trips are cheaper sets, reducing its price to 2 euros, and sometimes even 1,5 euros. Normally these days are Tuesdays and Thursdays of the weeks in which the fair is active, and are always announced before the population.

All Saints Fair in Dénia


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