Phase 2 in the Marina Alta: what can and cannot be done starting Monday?

01 June 2020 - 10: 20

On Monday the entire Valencian Community will enter Phase 2 of the de-escalation, as announced yesterday by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa. This means that the Marina Alta department, after three weeks stalled by the Ministry's decision in the first phase, will be able to enjoy more relief from the restrictions, allowing the reopening of many companies that have remained closed until now.

Restriction relief measures

  • Mobility: without changes with respect to Phase 1, displacements may be made interprovincially, but you cannot leave the province unless it is for labor reasons.
  • Opening hours: The time bands for minors and adults are eliminated, but not for older people and vulnerable people, who must keep their departures from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 19:00 to 20:00.
  • Meetings: Meetings between social circles that can be held in homes, bars or restaurants will be up to 15 people.
  • Hostelry: it can already be consumed within establishments respecting a maximum capacity of 40% or 50%, depending on the decision of the Generalitat. However, bar consumption is still prohibited, as it must be carried out on tables respecting the safety distance between them. You will not be able to use a shared letter, napkin rings, salt shakers, etc.
  • Beaches and pools: The use of the beaches will be allowed in Phase 2, respecting the most common limitations of maintaining distances and respecting capacity. In Denia the City Council has already announced What will be the specific measures that must be met on our beaches. The groups that can go together to spend some time here will be up to 15 people.

    Outdoor swimming pools and sports decks also reopen, by appointment and a maximum capacity of 30%.

  • Mall: with the power and opening of any establishment without a surface limit, this leaves the door open for the Portal la Marina shopping center, as expected, to open its doors again. It must, however, comply with the limitations of 40% of the capacity and guarantee the safety distance between customers. The use of the common areas will be limited to travel, not being able to rest on the benches or play in the recreation areas.
  • Cinema and theater: They may reopen movie theaters and theaters with a third of their capacity, provided that they do not accumulate more than 50 people in the same projection or show.
  • Hotels: the hotels will be able to use their common areas again, which were restricted during the previous phase. Of course, in 30% of its capacity.
  • Natural parks: They may reopen with a capacity of up to 20%.
  • Weddings, wakes and places of worship: Weddings can be held with a maximum of 100 guests in open spaces and 50 in closed spaces, provided they do not travel from another province. In the case of burials, the maximum capacity limit increases to 25 people outdoors and 15 in closed spaces. The places of worship, on the other hand, may have a capacity of 50%.
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  1. Crawford says:

    As a senior, I don't understand the two time periods allowed for older people. Everyone, their children and their dogs seem to be walking in these periods. Are these the only times we are allowed to walk? Or can we walk at other times? The period from 10.00:12.00 to 07.00:11.00 is too hot now. I would like to go at 70 and return before XNUMX. Is this possible for an older person? After XNUMX, we are not all in wheelchairs.

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