EUPV proposes a productive model to fight against a "Dénia of waiters"

May 23 from 2019 - 13: 00

Esquerra Unida del Pais Valencià has announced its proposals for a productive model for Dénia, "a productive model opposite to that proposed by the right", betting on feminism, environmentalism and the social economy.

EUPV denounces that the right proposes "sun, beach, speculation, precarious work, in short, a Denia of waiters", while they bet on "to complete tourism as the main engine of the local economy, with a more environmentally friendly economy, and diversified towards an industry that provides greater added value to the work of the dianenses, in addition to a guaranteed work plan that meets the needs basic of those who need it ".

Regarding their ecological proposal, from Esquerra Unida propose the remunicipalization of cleaning and garbage collection services; free peripheral parking for citizens, students and workers of Dénia; more intercity communication by bus at economic prices for the citizens, students and workers of Dénia; promotion in fairs and markets of products of proximity, 0 waste agriculture, manufactured products, local handicrafts, and companies and establishments of ecological and sustainable practices, and ethical treatment with workers.

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