These are the salaries of the mayor and the councilors of Dénia approved by the full

The 2019 / 2023 legislature has already started in Dénia and has done so with the first plenary session, which has been extraordinary and has served to approve the distribution of delegations of the government team and salaries that will charge mayor, councilors and opposition.

El Mayor's salary, Vicent Grimalt, increases an 23% and is set to 53.000 euros gross annual (in the previous legislature charged 43.249 euros per year). It also increases the salary of the four released councilors that there is this legislature, in this case, an 25%. So, Maria Josep Ripoll, Javier Scotto, Cristina Morera y Maite Pérez Conejero they will charge 50.000 gross euros per year.

As a novelty, it has been approved partial dedication, that of Councilwoman Melani Ivars, who will receive a gross annual remuneration of 25.000 annual euros to take over the departments of Education, Youth, Transparency and Prevention of Addictions.

The plenary session also approved the increase in salaries for councilors who do not have delegations. By attending the ordinary plenary sessions they will receive 250 euros; as well as the Government Boards; the attendance to Informative Commissions increases until the 240 euros (the last legislature was of 140 euros); while the non-regulated councils will have a compensation of 80 euros.

The plenary has also approved that it will not be possible to receive, for this concept, the superior amount of 2.000 euros per month for the councilors that form part of the Local Government Board; of 1.500 euros per month for the councilors with delegations without forming part of the Local Government Board and 1.000 euros per month for the rest of councilors. The group spokespersons will increase those maximums in 100 euros per month.

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Comments on "These are the salaries of the mayor and the councilors of Dénia approved by the plenary session"


  1. Inma Ballester :

    The increase in salaries and salaries seems to me an abuse since the minimum interprofessional salary is 900 € .... we often have capitalism with socialism

  2. Toni :

    In short, the PSOE of Grimalt gets the absolute majority in Denia and the first thing he does next is to raise the salaries an 25%, really, it is untimely and exaggerated how shameless they have done it! They can not be more bad ...

  3. Josep Ivars :

    What a shame. The workers the 1,8% and the progressives the 25%.
    Now that's progress.

  4. George :

    Great for those salaries, meanwhile officials continue with the 5% reduction in our salary and three years and salaries that better not comment. Possibly this rise is due to the fact that last year Mr. Mayor and his team kept social aid among others, as well as a little money from the battered RPT. Long live solidarity


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