This Friday will be the coldest day of the cold wave that we have over

The cold wave has reached Dénia. The forecasts have been met, and on Thursday there was already a noticeable drop in the temperatures helped by the morning skies. For this Friday, although the skies will be clear, the lowest temperatures of this cold wave are expected.

According to the State Meteorological Agency, the minimum temperatures will reach the 2 degrees, while the maximum will not exceed the 13 degrees in the central hours of the day. That means a difference between two and three degrees less with respect to Thursday.

On Saturday, the minimum temperatures will remain at these values, while the maximum will rise to 16º. On Sunday they will be similar to those of Thursday and already for the next week will recover the usual values ​​on these dates. As of Wednesday, the probability of precipitation increases.

Emergency device activated

The cold wave has forced the City of Dénia to activate an emergency device. On the one hand, the Local Police of Denia has begun to locate and identify homeless people who sleep in the open to meet the needs and inform them of the resources available to them. Through coordination with the Red Cross volunteers, starting tomorrow, Thursday, there will be trips to the 20: 00 hours to provide blankets, food and hot drinks to those who need it and to report the possibility of staying overnight at the Red Cross headquarters .

Likewise, a guarding device will be maintained to deal with possible incidents during the nights of Friday and Saturday. From the City Council request the citizen collaboration to inform of cases of people who may need your help. For this you can call the 965 780 190.

Advice to the population

  • If you spend a lot of time outdoors, it is better to wear several lightweight and warm overlays than a single piece of thick fabric
  • Beware of coal, electric and gas stoves: move them away from curtains and curtains.
  • Take precautions to avoid the poisoning produced by the use of braziers, wood stoves, coal or gas in closed places without renewal of air.
  • Have an extinguisher on hand
  • Prepare a first aid kit and those medicines that are used permanently or sporadically by all or any of the members of the family unit.
  • Have adequate clothing and footwear for these contingencies.
  • Keep informed of the weather situation through official information disseminated by the media
  • Follow the driving tips with snow and ice of the DGT

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