Bus station

January 06 from 2020 - 19: 44

The Dénia bus station is located next to the courts, at the entrance of the city. The passenger infrastructure is one of the historical claims of citizens and visitors of Dénia, and one of the projects that have been carried out with the Trust Plan of the Generalitat Valenciana.

From the Dénia Bus Station, local, national and international coaches arrive and depart. Although the infrastructure is not suitable for a city like Dénia, here there is also a taxi rank that facilitates the transfer of travelers to their destination in the city or in the region.

From Denia you can travel by bus throughout the Spanish and European geography. Among all companies that go through the city highlights Alsa, which serves all days of the year, and is also the only one that has a ticket office at the station where you can buy tickets at any point.

The destinations with more buses throughout the week are Valencia and Alicante, as they are also the most requested by travelers. They are also among these destinations Gandía because, in the absence of a railway line that links the capital of the region of La Marina Alta and La Safor, the traveler is forced to use the bus, the only means of transport that connects the two cities.

Other frequent destinations from Dénia are Madrid, Barcelona or the south, while companies whose buses stop in the city travel to many destinations.

  1. Patricia Ryland says:

    Buenos dias. I need to travel from Denia to Torrevieja in October for 3 days can you please give me some information on how to book my tickets.🤗

  2. Laura says:

    Hello, I need information about the monthly travel cards from Ondara to Denia, price, where to buy them, if they have a discount with the youth card, etc.

  3. Dafi Hadjieva says:

    The new station in Denia with laughter. Very shabby Wide 1m and medium length do not know. If there is sun, there is no place to hide. If it rains, I do not know, people should be pedagogues to fit. Not to mention if there is a storm. An 10 for the architect. The worst project I've just seen. I'm glad that I do not live in Denia. A shame

  4. Marcel says:

    Caution: this is not updated in 2 years. The information is wrong. The bus station is in a different place. Some time tables are missing ...

  5. Andrey says:

    November 15 2016 Hello Andrey want to know if there are daily bus from Valencia airport to Denia and schedule thanks and greetings.

    • Heather says:

      In my search for where to catch my bus from Denia to Valencia I found three differentaddresses. My tiket from Alsa booked on line tells me everything except the location of departure the website was not any help either. Public transportation in Denia is less than freindly or in existance

  6. patricia says:

    hello good querua know times back and forth out of Vergel and reach pedreguer
    Thank you

  7. Maria says:

    I wonder if the bus station in Denia has luggage suitcase leave two or three hours, thanks

  8. Liz says:

    Is there a bus from Denia to Javea hospital

  9. rafael says:

    7 23 day on day 8 hrs or first thing I q Denia travel cartagena possible I send schedules

  10. Ruth Bautista Ramos says:

    What days of the week there is transportation to Madrid from Denia and respective departure times

  11. vicky says:

    good afternoon, I wonder if there are shuttle buses to the Sella Denia and if so, schedules, is for an SRA who wants to rent something in Urbanization Los Almendros and no car to get around
    I await your response
    Thank you

  12. mari Angeles says:

    Please I need to go Saturday from Denia to Alicante agradeceria schedules inform me thanks

  13. emilio says:

    I have to travel from Denia to San Pedro del Pinatar that line coaches have to take and if you have a website to confirm ticket. Thank you.

  14. Almudena says:

    Hi I would like to know if there are buses to Denia Pedreguer? , If any know the schedule
    a greeting

  15. Jose Manuel says:

    26 April Sunday morning I go to Torrevieja, I appreciate that facilitate departure times and journey.
    Thank you very much

  16. Ángel RODRÍGUEZ says:

    Good afternoon, next 11 / 08 / 14 Denia need to go to Cartagena from the 16: 30 hours. I would appreciate to inform schedules that route, the estimated time duration and finally the price.
    Thank you very much for your 'replies, receive a greeting.

  17. RAFAEL says:

    Good afternoon, next 07 / 08 / 14 need to go from Denia to Benidorm from the 16: 30 hours. I would appreciate to inform schedules that route, the estimated time duration and finally the price.
    Thank you very much for your 'replies, receive a greeting.