Hidden Bruno Ruiz

Image: Escondida logo by Bruno Ruiz

Hidden It is the funniest, most casual and clandestine project of chef Bruno Ruiz.

It is a new concept of restaurant on the beach, with kitchen service 'non-stop food' which launches with the motto: Sea Fusion Dénia.

You can enjoy from fantastic breakfasts to delicious dinners in the restaurant. In the afternoons, you can have fun in its beach bar with the best late or, tasting its wonderful cocktails while you have fun with your people on the beach.

Bruno Ruiz

He studied in Dénia and enriched his training alongside great masters. His stay at Celler de Can Roca completely revolutionized his way of understanding cuisine and prompted him to continue traveling in search of new experiences. In San Sebastian he was a disciple of Martín Berasategui and Pedro Subijana, with whom he had the opportunity to introduce himself to the highest level of cooking philosophy and techniques.

His career since then has been developed hand in hand with projects in tune with his cooking style, and that is how Aticcook, a unique stage to show that particular identity, and now Hidden, his most carefree and clandestine project.


Rossarda street 6 -
  1. Felix Rubiera says:

    If you know Aticook and come to Escondida you will be very disappointed.
    The name goes to the hair. If you go by car, dedicate the last km to a pleasant walk since approaching by car is falling into a wolf trap.
    Few waiters which resulted in slowness
    I ate: goat cheese salad (regular and ground), Banda rice (vulgar, tomato paste and extremely salty, and cheesecake (so fused with the fruits of the forest and vanilla ice cream that it was not recognizable)
    It is for guiris with pretensions.
    I don't understand how Bruno has done this.

  2. ingrid rink says:

    Ich war jetzt zwei mal bei hidden.
    Das Essen ist wunderbar. Leider ist die Bedienung nicht gut.
    Auch die Abrechnung hat zwei mal nicht gestimmt.
    Einmal die verkehrte Preisen. Das zweite mal 2 Getränke bestellt und 4 abgerechnet.
    Es gibt schon Gäste die wegen der Bedienung nicht mehr dort hingehen wollen. Schade, we das essen herrlich ist.

  3. Mary Mohrwind says:

    It is wunderschön und auch die Kleinigkeit die ich gegessen habe schmeckte, nur hatte ich zwei Gläser Hauswein mit 1dl und die 9 Euro. Ich fragte noch mal ob es der Hauswein war, weil er sehr gut schmeckt und das wurde mir bestätigt.
    Also für 1dl Wein 4:50 fand ich nun doch übertrieben. Schade weil ich es sicher noch mal versuche, denn ich habe später gesehen, daß eine Fl. WEISSWEIN 16: 50 kostet