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Literary Escape Room in Dénia: SenseRostre takes young people to the pages of 'Invisible'

November 15 from 2023 - 15: 27

The Department of Youth of the Dénia City Council has joined the SenseRostre program for the second consecutive year, a Gamified Open Reading program, organized by the Valencian Youth Institute (IVAJ) Carné Joven, and in collaboration with LEA Open Reading. SenseRostre is a program in the form of a Reading Club that allows the creativity and participation of readers to be enhanced interactively, through mental games and team games. The program is aimed at adolescents between 12 and 16 years old.

Gamified Open Reading is a learning technique that is applied in the educational field and that uses games to expand reading. Through different strategies and actions, activities related to a specific book are carried out. In this way, the participation of the reader is encouraged with social, creative and collaborative activities, all of them under the mechanics and dynamics of the game. Through reading it, you can create opportunities for reflection on the ability to make visible people who are invisible, to show the person that we have normally ignored, in order to denounce harassment and bullying, fight against violence, in the different areas of life.

For this year, the book chosen by the IVAJ is invisible by the author Eloy Moreno (Castellón, 1976). invisible, the fourth novel published by Eloy Moreno, deals with the theme of violence and bullying and tells the story of a serious and studious boy, victim of aggression from a classmate. The indifferent attitude of his teachers and classmates towards the bullying that the boy suffers ends up convincing him that he has become invisible.

From page to game

Through the game, the reader will become the protagonist of the story, with an Escape Room. Teenagers who dare to participate in the program will become protagonists of the chosen book, sharing challenges, adventures and concerns with the characters of invisible as they progress through reading the book.

Last Monday, November 6, the Youth Department organized the first Gamified Open Reading in the Dénia Library. Twelve teenagers had the opportunity to participate in an Escape Room related to the Open Reading of the book invisible. In the activity The Dragon's Den, the adolescents had to overcome five challenges, solving clues and riddles that led them to reflect and discuss the different emotions experienced in situations of harassment, violence and bullying.

Read, play, reflect

With the SenseRostre program, opportunities for reflection can be created, through reading, on the ability to make visible people who are invisible, to show the person that we have normally ignored, in order to denounce harassment and bullying, fight against violence, in different areas of life.

The Youth Department will organize other participatory reading activities around the book invisible throughout the school year. In addition, other Escape Rooms will be held to encourage teenagers to read as a community, and connect through reading, and thus encourage the exchange of ideas. The following Gamified Open Readings will take place at the IES Chabás and the Alfa & Omega school, on dates that will be specified.

From the Department of Youth they have made a call to invite all young people to register in this participatory reading club, where through playful strategies and through gamification, with the SenseRostre program, the creativity and active participation of reading people through play, and reading skills and social, creative and collaborative skills, as well as transmedia skills.

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