ERPV-Dénia asks that the bonuses for the installation of solar panels be extended in the 2021 budgets

November 24 from 2020 - 10: 31

From the ERPV executive of Dénia they ask the Government Team that in the preparation of the budgets for the year 2021, and especially the "Tax Ordinances", the expansion of the bonuses to be applied for the installation in homes and companies of electrical energy production systems for self-consumption (photovoltaic solar panels).

"We remind the departments involved, the Treasury and the Ecological Transition, that Royal Decree 244 / 2.019, in addition to authorizing this type of facility, also encourages it through tax credits through municipal taxes and specifically the IBI and ICIO", they point out from training.

The decree establishes that the discounts can reach up to 50% of the aforementioned taxes and, according to ERPV, those approved in the 2020 municipal budget, the discount that can be accessed is only 10% and only for households and not For businesses.

"We must not remember the importance of the transition towards renewable energies and for that reason, we ask the Councilor for the Treasury that in the tax ordinances of 2021 the maximum bonus authorized by law is applied, 50%. This is already being applied many municipalities of the State and Dénia should not be left behind "Republicans emphasize.

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