ERPV criticizes the City Council for its plan to sterilize pigeons

November 17 from 2020 - 12: 05

The Dianenses representatives of Esquerra Republicana del País Valencià have been forceful against the Plan to end the pigeon plague that was made public a few weeks ago by the Department of Ecological Transition of the Dénia City Council.

In this plan, the local executive was betting on the creation of feeders with contraceptives to put an end to the growing population of pigeons in Dénia, which the ranks of the Republicans have received with displeasure. "The council should change the name to Ecological Intransition, since that seems to be their goal ", notes the formation.

According to ERPV, several reports from technicians and researchers advise against these practices, pointing out that the use of chemo-sterilants to control pigeons also affects other species of birds.

That is why they urge the government to reverse this plan. "Although, we expect any mess from a councilor who has despised the algae treatment plant, authorizes the felling of protected trees, allows parks and green areas to be used as parking lots and laughs at the LIC / ZEPA of l'Almadrava", criticizes the Republican Party.

  1. Yolanda says:

    I do not know if the feeders with contraceptives is the best way to end the large number of pigeons, what if it is that the number of copies must be reduced considerably. Capture the birds with nets and then kill them, I DON'T KNOW which is the BEST ECOLOGICAL SOLUTION, what I do know is what to do. Birds such as pigeons and parrots that reproduce quickly make the public space continuously dirty, not to mention that they can transmit diseases. I imagine that this to those who boast of great environmentalists, if it does not affect their terrace, street, or car, they care little. Whether the environmental group likes it or not, something must be done to reduce the number of specimens in a fast, safe, ecological and effective way

  2. genoveva says:

    Plague of pigeons,

    Our councilor is surely obliged to make this decision because of the lack of civility of the people who put grains, and food in general in a disorderly way to the pigeons, believing surely to do well, which little by little has disorganized the reproduction of this species, for the evil of this and the citizens.

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