Erika and Miriam make Les Roques the first fault of Dénia in having the two child charges held by women

10 October 2019 - 12: 31

Last Sunday at the Social Center, the Les Roques fails celebrated the children's presentation of the Fallera Mayor and President, as well as its younger commission. This is the second children's presentation of this year's calendar, after that of Baix la Mar which was the previous week.

Erika Delegido and Miriam Miralles have converted the Falla Les Roques in the first commission of Dénia with the two child charges held by women. The first as Fallera Mayor Infantil and the second as President, thus breaking the tradition to value their role in the Fiestas.

And they do it in a presentation where magic was present from beginning to end. After the emotional video summary of the previous exercise and farewell of the outgoing charges, the Harry Potter universe seized the auditorium, with a stage decorated as if it were the Hogwarts Great Hall itself.

While the Harry Potter of Les Roques looked for the spell to recover the missing Erika, one by one, the smallest of the commission were taking the stage already occupied by Miriam, facing the test of the Sorting Hat, which was distributed by your seats

Finally, it was time to reveal the presence of Erika Delegido and, after this, the turn of exaltation by her brother, and the reception to the invited commissions, of the Councilor for Fiestas and Martina Gimeno, Fallera Mayor Infantil de Dénia .

An act as emotional as funny and that will mark a before and after in the Fallas by proclaiming Erika and Miriam as Fallera Mayor Infantil and President of the Les Roques fault.

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