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24M survey: The Popular Party would win but no party would reach an absolute majority

May 16 from 2015 - 18: 01

Seven parties, of the nine that attend the municipal elections, would get representation in the City of Dénia after the elections of the next 24 in May. This is the data that emerges from the survey conducted by Denia.com between the 21 of April and the 1 of May in the streets of Dénia and whose conclusions we now transfer to you:

With a 17,4% of the votes, the Party of Ana Kringe would become the most voted force, followed by the PSOE (12,7%) and Canviem Entre TotsWhich with 12,4% of the estimated vote would break sharply in the municipality of Dénia. Fourth would be located Compromís, With 11,9% of the vote and, behind them, Citizen'sWith a 9%. With 7,7% of the votes the coalition would stand GDCU, headed by Pepa Font, and after them, with an 5,7% of the votes, it would get municipal representation Acord Ciutadà.

Graphic election voting intentions 24M

?The parties Union All y UPyD They fall outside the City Hall to not get 5% of votes needed to reach the municipal representation.

At the time of conducting this survey, 80,8% of respondents had already decided their vote. A 19,2% did not know which party they would vote or did not answer the question.

An absolute majority would be reached with three games

According to these results, the Popular Party get five councilFollowed by PSPV-PSOEWhich would drop to four aldermen and would equal representation with Canviem between tots, Which four councilors would break strongly in the consistory.

Compromís per Dénia increase its representation three councilWhile Citizen's get two representatives -one more than in the last parliamentary term and GDCU keep the two council members it currently has.

24M survey - Distribution of councilors

These data off the absolute majority is achieved in Dénia with 11 councilors, it is only achieved with the pact between a minimum of three games.

In this regard, the 49% of respondents considered beneficial for Dénia citizens with a plurality of parties in the municipal government.

Sapling and Gómez Losada, the highest rated candidates

Of a total of 402 respondents, 40,8% provided their assessment of Ana Kringe, mayor of Denia and current head of the PP list. A 22,9% of respondents assessed Pepa Font, a former component of the government team and head GDCU list.

Rafa Carrió, head of the Compromís list, was evaluated by an 22,6% of respondents. None of the other candidates selected as heads of list of their respective Parties has been evaluated by more than one 20% of the respondents.

Taking into account these data, the best rated candidates have been, with an average of 7,6 over 10, María José Gómez Pimpollo (Acord Ciutadà) and Antonio Losada (Canviem between tots).

Vicent Grimalt, head of the PSOE list, is the third best rated candidate with 7,2 points. In fourth and fifth place are Rafa Carrió (Compromís) and Mari Martínez (Citizens) with an average rating of 7,0.

The middle note of Pepa Font is a 6,5 while the current mayor, Ana Kringe, about 5,8 10 is.

More than half of respondents believe that Dénia has not changed

The 40,6% of respondents believe that Denia has changed in recent years, 53,5% think it has not changed significantly, and 6% of respondents do not know / no answer to the question.

Among those who answered yes has hbaido a change, the 47% believe that this change is for the better and 46% think it was worse, while a 7% did not answer the question.

The perception of change is mostly positive only respondents who plan to vote for the PP; perception is particularly negative in the case of those who intend to vote to PSPV-PSOE, Compromís, Canviem between Tots or Acord Ciutadà.

Tourism, the Department has done better work in the last four years

A 23,6 402% of respondents replied that the council who had done a better job in the last legislature Tourism was directed until last September by Pepa Font and currently headed by the mayor, Ana Kringe.

Following are Trade Tourism, Festivals and Sports. For other Councilors, less than 10% of respondents considered in each case were among those who performed better work.


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