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Eloi Salort, from the Garbí Dénia Handbol Club, summoned by the Valencian Children's Team

November 17 from 2023 - 10: 19

Eloi Salort, outstanding player of the Handbol Club Garbí Dénia, has received a call to join the Valencian Handball Team in the children's category. The news reached Eloi last Friday morning, telling him that he had to appear on Sunday the 12th at the Monóvar pavilion along with 20 other colleagues. This call aims to prepare the Spanish Championship of Regional Teams (SECA).

Eloi, whose love for handball was cultivated at the Escola Municipal de El Verger under the tutelage of Juanjo, joined the Garbí children's team last year, being coached by Adrian Carpi. His exceptional progression has been evident, culminating last year with a scholarship at Xest in handball, a high-performance center where students train twice a day.

The call for the SECA is the well-deserved reward for Eloi's constant effort. Although there are still two calls left, this first step is already a notable achievement. In addition, it adds to the excellent moment that the Garbí children's team is experiencing, which has gone from being the last classified last season to occupying second place in its category, with only one defeat and exciting prospects of playing in the promotion phase.

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