Eliminate your varicose veins thanks to the various treatments of Polyclinic CUME

The best treatments and beauty methods to take care of your health and improve your well-being are in polyclinic CUME. The latest technologies come to CUME to offer you the best care to eliminate your varicose veins.

In Polyclinic CUME deal with your varicose veins without pain or side effects. They also get a correct diagnosis thanks to their methods based on ultrasound.

Among its treatments we find several for the varices such as: Homeopathic mesotherapy, TRV, Cryosclerosis, laser or surgery.

Homeopathic mesotherapy, with small infiltrations along the venous trunks of the legs, stimulates the lymphatic circulation and in a single session can have lasting results. For its part, the TRV method is ideal for eliminating large varices without operations. It is an injection of a microfoam prepared to the effect that is introduced in each varix.

Cryosclerosis, is the injection of a cold substance into the light of the varix. And with several sessions it is completely eliminated.

The laser is also perfect for varicose veins and small varicose veins. And finally, surgery, in some cases is necessary if there are large varicose veins or if there are complications. Local anesthesia can be performed without hospitalization.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact Polyclinic CUME at 965792324.

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