The National Senior of Dénia Básquet falls defeated against the CB Ilicitano

20 December 2022 - 11: 43

Defeat of the Senior Nacional DBC SUMA against CB Ilicitano (67-72) in a competitive match that was only resolved in the last quarter, counting those from Dénia with a last triple shot that could force overtime.

The match was quite a battle between two teams of very even forces, played at a very high pace and with a constant exchange of baskets, always penalizing any weakness shown by the rival.

Those led by Eduardo Clavero and Pascual Miralles managed with a lot of effort to reach halftime with a seven-point lead, matching the level of play proposed by the visitors and ending up imposing their strength under the hoops.

Those from Elche came out determined to turn the result around in a very intense third period. The scoreboard experienced a real fluctuation with the two teams fighting for any ball, and answering an action with a better one in the opposite basket over the course of ten excellent minutes.

Finally, Ilicitano could only reduce the difference by one point, and everything was pending what happened in the ten minutes remaining in the game.

The DBC rivals entered the last period better, and in the blink of an eye they equalized the score again. Two successful triples made them take the lead and the rush of the Dianenses to want to solve it put the match within their reach.

A meritorious reaction in the last minutes compressed the result again, coming to have the shot that could have taken the match to extra time with eight seconds left to go.

Effort without reward and sad faces due to the setback, but an excellent image of the team that, despite the result, continues to improve its level of play whole, and must be able to continue working to find out where its ceiling is.

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