Enjoy the best taste of the Mediterranean aboard the Mena Restaurant

15 October 2019 - 12: 35

Enjoy the best cuisine looking at the sea from the top of a cliff. Have you already lived this experience? In restaurant Mena You can eat looking at the horizon, in an incredible environment, but at home. Discover the traditional cuisine of Dénia in a restaurant with a long family history and fall in love with its dishes and its surroundings.

Rice, seafood and tapas, made with the best products from Dénia Bay and irrigated with an extensive wine and cava menu. Can you ask for more? Yes, enjoy them on a cliff and looking at the sea from above. In the menu of Restaurante Mena you can find the freshest seafood, the famous red shrimp and try the wonderful lobsters. And if you are passionate about rice, it is the right place to taste different types of rice, among others, brown rice, paella and fideuá. Look at her full letter

Mena Restaurant has a long family tradition, which is deeply rooted in Dénia. It is very likely to become your favorite corner, where to go when you want to eat at home but in an incomparable place. Where to surprise visitors and give you unforgettable moments.

Reserve your table on the phone 96 578 09 43. They are at the End of les RotesIn Dénia.

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