The PP won the elections in Dénia with 9 councilors

May 23 from 2011 - 00: 45

Spectacular rise experienced by the PP Dianense, which has gone from the 5 2007 councilors who got in to 9, with which it has become the largest political force in the city. With 6.096 votes (34,73%), Ana Kringe winner of the municipal elections in Dénia 2011 proclaims.

El PSOEDespite the bad omens, he lost only one councilor and stands with 5.090 votes in 8 councilors. Center Unificat It has established itself as a third political force after getting 1443 2 votes and councilmen; he PSD It keeps the councilman who had (933 votes) and Bloc He loses a councilman and is a representative on the City Council and 952 votes.

On the dark side formation it is located Gent of DéniaWhich lost representation in the City (he had two councilors) with 766 28 votes after years.

Given the circumstances the PP will have to govern in coalition, And that's the question remains open: Who be agreed popular?

  1. Diego Mendoza says:

    The ATT.de the Sra.Alcaldesa.ANA KRINGE.¿ENHORABUENA? more than two months made an appointment with ustd.y have not yet received because I think you may be interested to listen as I think ALLEGEDLY ay PREVADICACION and influence peddling by any or some of the trabajacores of this council ago and before to take the next step I would like to explain it to ustd.Hay enough to denounce the party leadership POPULAR.Ya these echos are Hurting me ENORMEMENTE.ATT documentation. a neighbor and trader very defaudado by a sector of the City Council. Waiting for your answer.

  2. Adirna says:

    A 1 formula or agora, and that both 3er stop school and job creation! In Denia to study and work that is not us!

    (Someone knows what is sarcasm, no?)


    Q ANA work has given during his tenure? Camps? Sure, sure shoemaker's fault. We could bring the fórmula1 to Dénia!

  4. sergiet says:

    Yes, salvation has come !!!! Today there was no one in line at the INEM because he has won Kringe. How much blindness my god !!!

  5. Gordon says:

    Oh, Nuria, I hope you learn to write before applying for work, and all the PP can work miracles. And Ana K. I wish you luck and will not go to his head a second chance, it's always the same, that deifies one and j..todo.

  6. nuria says:

    that's what all k keriamos to Podre reach something and have job for the people. Enonabuen Ana and his party