The PP requires the City Council to take measures to avoid the "local cemetery with shutters lowered"

January 15 from 2020 - 12: 34

There are more and more "lifelong" locals who decide to lower their blinds in Dénia. A reality with which we live looking the other way while we join the new business dynamics that directly affect small and close commerce. With the intention of preventing the spread of this wave of closures, the Popular Party has demanded greater action by the City Council, proposing several measures with which, according to the formation, to be able to stop these closures.

"Protection and support to traditional businesses should be a priority to avoid the total loss of the nearest trade", the popular dianenses point out. The municipal group declares that Dénia has traditionally been the cradle of small businesses that have enriched the special habitat of a prosperous, dynamic and diverse city. However, they claim that now Dénia "It is becoming a large cemetery of premises, blinds down and signage is transferred".

The Popular Party, in this way, insists on proposals that describe how "Logical, easy to implement and that do not require more but a willingness to help and support". Among them, they propose that businesses have direct participation in the start dates of the programmed pedestrianization in the center of Dénia, elaboration of more municipal promotion programs to boost consumption in low seasons, streamlining procedures for openings, and the creation of a web commerce portal.

To these they have added several initiatives of fiscal support such as the creation and management of a census of available commercial premises, creation of a plan for the renovation of commercial establishments and the application of fiscal incentives by means of the reduction of opening rates, occupation of public roads, urban waste, IBI and incorporation of the free blue zone for customers for commercial purchases.

  1. Jesus says:

    Franchises are a pest and the quality is low, they laminate diversity and make all sites an ugly and tiresome uniformity. The city councils in the face of the advantages of a free market where we all have to reinvent ourselves every day, I don't think they can do much and I don't care about political color. On the other hand, I am already exhausted by the excess of hotels and bars in Denia, a city that I have lived for 50 years. There is a lot of quality… .but they have passed! It's a shame there aren't any libraries… Oh that Ex Libris!… And thank goodness we have Publics!

  2. Alfonso says:

    All of these initiatives are good, but nothing can be done against the internet, shopping centers and franchises to save traditional commerce. And more when other competitors appear more innovative, better prepared and in many cases more excited about their projects than the traditional businesses.
    There are some traditional businesses that will not close their doors at the moment because those who continue with them, the generational relays, are proactive, innovative and enthusiastic.
    I believe that the city council can do things, but they will not be effective in the real situation.
    Businesses cannot be maintained because they are "traditional" at the expense of citizens' taxes.
    The world of commerce is to renew or die. Another one comes and takes your market because it does better or they adapt better to current demand.
    But all help goes well, of course.

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