The PP of Dénia proposes to disseminate the local culture and history through QR codes on the street

14 September 2021 - 19: 25

The spokeswoman of the Popular Party of Denia, María Mut, will present in the next ordinary plenary session, a motion with which it proposes to launch the project of cultural dissemination through the plaques of the streets and squares of the
city ​​through the implementation of QR codes or Navilens latest technology systems.

Los Populares expose that the concept of the city as an educational environment should be a bet for the future. "Learning in the city is to understand it as an educational environment that allows us to expand knowledge, interacting with the physical space. Learning from the city is to understand it as an agent that educates informally and spontaneously teaches our culture and history, as well as socialize behaviors of social cohesion and peaceful coexistence. To learn the city is to consider it as content, in itself, of education ", indicates the spokesperson in the motion.

That is why, from the Popular Party, they consider that a new form of cultural communication through interaction would be a step forward in its modernization. The PP proposes that a walk through the city becomes an access to educational resources through the dissemination of the history of its characters, thus giving knowledge and culture.

The PP emphasizes that this project can be developed with the implementation, on the plates that give name to the streets, of QR codes or even through the latest technology and the new NaviLens accessibility system, which would allow people with visual, hearing and cognitive disability receive information about the
history and culture of Dénia through the mobile phone.

The PP considers that this project should be developed through the creation of a multidisciplinary working group, which brings together technological, cultural, historical and educational knowledge and projects its implementation in the medium term. A project that will provide Dénia with one more element at a cultural, educational, tourist, etc. level.

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  1. Ignacio says:

    How beautiful but hurry up at this pace and at the rate that emblematic buildings are demolishing, there will be nothing left to teach