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Neuroaesthetics father speaks in Dénia on the brain's reaction to beauty

November 11 from 2016 - 19: 24

Dénia has counted these days with the presence of a figure of worldwide recognition in the world of health. Semir Zeki, known as the "father" of neuroesthetics, has participated in the Congress 3º Art Spaces and Health which it was held at the Hospital de Dénia.

Semir Zeki at the International Congress of Hospital de Dénia

It was definitely the highlight of three intense days of workshops, lectures and talks by health experts and art, where attendees had the opportunity to meet conclusions of international studies linking these two areas and how they apply to different areas .

Semir Zeki of paper in Dénia

Neuroscience is a relatively new discipline, with only two decades of studies. It focuses on the study of the brain's reaction to the beauty objectifying things that, so far, were subjective. For this Zeki has conducted several field studies with non-experts considered to have been made brain scans in order to observe their brain activity while watching a work of art or listen to music. The study was conducted with 360 works of art and various musical pieces. The conclusion is that in all cases the active beauty and matching a particular brain region.

Semir Zeki found that the standards of beauty vary depending on the historical moment and geographical location and states that "subjective truth is the only truth we can be sure of".

Semir Zeki by the manager of Marina Health and the director of CuidArt

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