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The Museu Arqueològic de Dénia finalizes its move to make way for the interpretation center 'Dénia. watch city'

August 21 from 2023 - 12: 58

The Governing Board, held last week, approved the proposal of the Contracting Committee to award the works of the first phase of the renovation, adaptation and reform program, which will affect the city's museums for their adaptation to the regulations, to the UTE Patrimonio Inteligente, SL, and Adara Consultoría de Proyectos, SLU.

The works, which will be co-financed by the Next Generation Funds of the European Union, within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, managed by the Generalitat Valenciana, have a bidding budget of 284.410,50 euros (VAT included).

The action plan is the result of the recommendations of the Ministry of Culture, which warned of the obsolescence of the facilities, to which it was appropriate, according to a resolution of the General Director of Culture and Heritage made public in 2020 and the subsequent study commissioned by the Town Hall in 2021, provide accessibility to the entire public (ramps and elevators for people with functional diversity), democratize access to information on signs and signage (inclusion of Braille and audio guides, as well as the incorporation of more languages ​​of the Union European Union), reinforce security for visitors and the pieces of the collection (evacuation protocols, system of watertight anti-theft and waterproof showcases, smoke detectors, video surveillance system, among others), as well as ensuring necessary temperature and humidity conditions for the conservation of works.

Finally, Dénia's museum facilities need renovation due to the passage of time and an extension due to the great archaeological wealth of the municipality.

Transfer of the Archaeological Museum

The first action of the plan will be the transfer of the permanent collection of the Archaeological Museum, located in the Castell de Dénia, which will be exhibited on the first floor of the building, with an area of ​​about 299 m2. The nineteenth-century building will temporarily house the archaeological collection; the expansion and final distribution of the collection will be designed later.

On the first floor of Calle Cavallers, 3, the material currently exhibited in the Castell will be exhibited, since the dimensions of the new space allow it. This first installation will have five different spaces: an audiovisual projection area, an Iberian area, two Roman areas, an Islamic area and a medieval Christian area.

The museum project for Cavallers has a budget of 134.431 euros (VAT included), which will be financed by European Next Generation funds, within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, managed by the Generalitat Valenciana, and an execution period of five months.

Interpretation Center 'Dénia. watch city'

The 'Dénia. Ciudad vigía', where a historical interpretation center will be installed to make visible the importance of the port of Dénia as a vital enclave in commerce and maritime transit of different times, as well as in the historical evolution of the city. The exhibition intends to carry out a didactic and informative work, showing the urban, social and cultural evolution of Dénia, giving special importance to milestones such as the granting of the title of city by Felipe III or the war of the Spanish succession.

The visit will be divided into three parts, although the tour will be free: it will have an area with models, to bring the visitor closer to the historical evolution of the city in a didactic way; another with showcases where archaeological objects related to each period of the city's history will be located, and a third in which audiovisual material will be projected. In addition, the project contemplates the installation of observation points in the building's windows to act as historical observatories, that is, to reflect historical and cultural milestones in the landscape.

This project has a budget of 149.979,50 euros (VAT included), also financed by a European subsidy from Next Generation funds, within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, managed by the Generalitat Valenciana, and an execution period of four months, once the transfer of the permanent collection of the Archaeological Museum has been completed.

This is the first of a series of measures that are part of the museographic renewal proposal, which will host the creation of the Museu Arqueològic de la Ciudad de Dénia and the renovation of the administrative spaces and the facilities of the Archeology department, beyond the exhibition spaces.

  1. Rudolf says:

    I don't understand…. 299 square meters for the entire history of Dénia, with five different spaces, gives just 60m2 to expose the wealth of each civilization that has passed through our land.
    Meanwhile, a school and youth recreation area is eliminated for a festive museum, a two-story building with much more space and an infinitely greater budget.
    Live to see gentlemen of the City Council.

  2. Pau (FR) says:

    And the park of public housing, schools, street cleaning, public transport that works for when?
    ..that we already hope for the other day.

    • Vicente says:

      Before you are going to give licenses to AIRBNB or without a license directly… Homes? What houses? Neither private nor public.