The fallero world pays tribute to the bodybuilders in the second year without Carrozas

12 July 2021 - 10: 00

The major falleras of Dénia, Safir Malonda and Martina Gimeno, together with their courts of honor, presided over the act this Friday to honor the artists of floats from the city of Dénia.

The event, organized by the Local Board Fallera de Dénia, it began with the delivery, by the Dénia and Marina Alta Falleros Studies Collective, of the dossier to request that the Dénia floats be declared an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC). The president of the CEF, Felip Sala, delivered the documentation to the party councilor, Óscar Mengual.

This was followed by a gathering around the world of floats in which the artists Aida Simó, José Antonio Moya and José Candel participated, reflecting on the importance of floats and the push that falleros and falleras give to this celebration.

The event culminated in a tribute to the artists who have made more than ten floats throughout their career. In the first place, there was a special mention to the disappeared Pepe Simó and Vicent Guntiñas, and then Aida Simó and Sisco Silvestre, Vicent Ivars, Sergio Avargues, Sergi Garcia, Juan Carlos Català, José Luis Gallo, José Vicente Martínez, Pablo took the stage Martí, Tomás Chiner, José Candel, Pepe Català, José Antonio Moya and Manuel Marco.

The honored artists received the applause of the public, especially Manuel Marco who, with around 70 signed floats, is the most awarded body builder in the city. The public stood up to acknowledge his unique career. All of them have received a detail elaborated by the fallero artist Enric Ginestar, an original sculpture representing an acanthus leaf.

Jaume Bertomeu, President of the Fallera Local Board, stressed that it was fair and necessary to recognize the impeccable work of the float artists of the city of Dénia, who make the float parade one of the best in the Valencian Community.

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