The Montgó in the new Pokémon? Dénia's mountain could appear in the next games

August 04 from 2022 - 03: 20

imagine strolling through the Montgo or beaches of Dénia and that, suddenly, a wild Pokémon appears among the tall grass. Well, we could soon live that experience according to the latest news about the next game in the franchise.

Game Freak, developer of the Pokémon game saga for Nintendo, created a stir this year on Spanish social networks by announcing that its next games, which will be known as Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple, would take place in a region inspired by Spain. Since then, fans from all over the state (which are not few considering that Pokémon is the intellectual property that generates the most money, above giants like Disney or Star Wars) have been very attentive to all the news to see until which point will reflect the environment they know.

Paldea, the "Spain" of Pokémon

The latest news that has been shared from the developer is the geography of the region, revealing a map that will be the setting for this new adventure. Although it is not like the one in real life, there are great similarities with Spain, being able to identify well-known areas in it. Among them, a peak stands out on the eastern coast of the peninsula, where a large mountain rises facing the sea, surrounded by beaches and facing a small archipelago.

With a little imagination, some inspiration can be seen in the characteristic geography of the Marina Alta and the Balearic Islands, the mountain being able to be a copy of the Montgó. Also, is that the Marineta?

Although it is clearly a fictional world inspired above all in Spain, the map has served to generate many speculations about the real corners on which they have been based to create this region called Paldea and that will serve to present the eighth generation of the long-running franchise. Both games are due out this November for the Nintendo Switch console.

  1. Yo says:

    It looks like motgo like my eggs look like walnuts… my goodness, what a summer with the interns.

  2. Laura says:

    Well, I'm not flipats or little hahaha per cert, I'll go to Dénia and Xàbia, right? Ale that you take advantage of the fantasy. 😂

  3. Belén says:

    The biggest problem that El Montgó has, and you never solve it, are the wild boars that there are and they go down to the urbanizations. We live in the middle of Montgó and we can't even take the dogs out to pee or go for a walk at night because all the wild boars come in herds, sometimes all adults or three times adults with their young. extremely dangerous and you do nothing

    • Laura says:

      Well, I'm not flipats or little hahaha per cert, I'll go to Dénia and Xàbia, right? Ale that you take advantage of the fantasy. 😂

    • Pablo says:

      Why do you live in his house, do we exterminate the whales if I build an underwater house? Why can't I even leave the house without the whales coming?

    • Wild pig says:

      The only problem in the Montgó is that the wild boars don't have a gun to throw them all out, sons of bitches, you think it's an amusement park and you're screwing around in a natural environment, Madrilenians.

  4. Graduate says:

    with a little imagination says the letter board hahaha… rather with 2 tripis on top…

    for tomorrow you could release another great article... what do I know... maybe the fortnite map is designed based on the Iberian Peninsula.

    the journalistic level of this decrepit country is tremendous

    • Luis says:

      Not in the Iberian Peninsula, no, there is another country, cities, towns, mountains, etc. For them, only Denia exists. The rest is empty space. Amoeba style.