The Juvenile of the CD Dénia will play the permanence in the fief of Torre Levante

El CD Dénia will play the permanence in the feud of Torre Levante next week, last of the National League. The dianenses fell at home to the Alcoyano by 0 to 1, a very painful defeat as the kids led by Fredu had salvation in hand.

The pressure did not sit well and they were well below the level they had shown in recent days. In the game they did not have the necessary patience to play the ball, they abused a direct game where the physical superiority of the rival surpassed them in each play.

The dianenses just arrived clearly at the Alcoy goal, except for a few corner kicks or missing side. But the balls pumped were always frank for the defense and the rival goalkeeper. The break was reached with a goalless draw.

In the second half, Alcoyano came out with fresh air and after five minutes managed to get ahead on the scoreboard with a goal by Peiró. This goal was very bad for the Dianense team, who far from calming down became a bunch of nerves.

Some defensive maladjustments caused that the visitors had occasion that another occasion to have increased the marker. The lack of success avoided it, but even so the final score left plunged into a deep depression to the boys of the Dianense youth.

In the absence of a day the Dénia has 37 points, one more than the Steel that has 36. The Sagunto team visits the Elche field, while the Dénia is played in the Torre Levante field.

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