The San Carlos de Dénia Hospital expands its pediatric resuscitation workshops to State Corps and Security

13 March 2023 - 09: 00

After the great success of the pediatric resuscitation workshops that were launched a year ago, the Hospital San Carlos Office Denia of the HLA Group in collaboration with Marina Dénia, has wanted to extend this knowledge to the Corps and State Security and to the population in general.

On Thursday, March 9, the first workshop was offered to the Local Police, at the facilities of Marina Dénia, on how to know how to properly use defibrillation equipment, how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation and what are the first steps to follow in an emergency situation. The next workshops will be held for the National Police and the Civil Guard. And they are also intended for the general public, who are interested in developing their skills in this field, since they are very useful in order to know how to save the life of any person who is in danger of suffering a heart attack.

During the day, the police officers carried out practical exercises with the dolls and the defibrillator. The participants were very grateful to refresh these techniques that can undoubtedly help save many lives.

All workshops are free and are given at the Marina Denia facilities by the team of anesthetists and resuscitation of the San Carlos Hospital made up of Dr. Miguel Burguera, Dr. Carolina Ramos, Dr. Pepe Diéguez and Dr. Carlos Garcia.

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