HLA Hospital San Carlos de Dénia incorporates the Plastic Surgery Unit

Center HLA San Carlos, a hospital reference in Dénia, extends its services to take care of you: breast surgery, temporal contour, facial and intimate aesthetics. A new unit directed by Dr. Márquez.

Breast surgery

Breast surgery includes complex breast surgery (breast asymmetry, tuberous breast, breast malformation, secondary breast), such as autologous breast augmentation, in which the patient's own tissues are used (with lipotransference and adipose tissue implant). Also the prosthetic breast augmentation (submammary, periareolar, laparoscopic), mastopexy or breast lifting, and reductive mammoplasty (with personalized reductive incision pattern).

Temporary contour surgery

Temporary contour surgery is a type of surgery that harmonizes the silhouette of the body filling areas that need it and lowering others. It includes 3D lipomodelation, a silhouette remodeling through the extraction and reinjection of the patient's own fat, and post-bariatric surgery (abdominoplasty, brachioplasty, frencoplasty, cruroplasty).

Facial surgery specialties include rhinoplasty (aesthetic and reconstructive), facial rejuvenation (lifting-lipofilling) and otoplasty. The most frequent otoplasty operation is the operation of detached ears.

Intimate cosmetic surgery

The intimate aesthetic includes the set of aesthetic and restorative interventions in the genital area of ​​women. According to Dr. Marquez, director of the new unit of Plastic Surgery, the most common is the labiaplasty or modification-reduction of the lips of the vagina.

Trust the HLA Hospital Saint Charles, a hospital reference in Dénia. Improve your body with confidence, tranquility and medical vanguard.

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