The Dénia Hospital hosts a sample of 8 prominent Spanish photojournalists during confinement

February 02 from 2021 - 12: 42

El Hospital de Dénia hosts the Covidphotodiaries exhibition by photojournalists, Manu Brabo, Judith Prat, Susana Girón, Anna Surinyach, Isabel Permuy, Olmo Calvo, Javier Fergo and José Colón.

The sample includes a good number of snapshots that the authors took throughout the weeks of confinement in our country. Faced with the impossibility of fulfilling their national and international commitments and, given the mobility restrictions, they united around the Instagram page @covidphotodiaries with the commitment to upload photos daily about the historical moment that Spain was going through.

Shortly after, the group had the support of Canon, Médicos del Mundo and DKV Seguros. From there, part of the work, in addition to the social network, was structured around a website and a traveling exhibition, which is the one that can now be seen in the CuidArt Room of the Hospital de Dénia.

The exhibition, which will be installed until April 5, gathers very intimate moments in homes for the elderly, intensive care units, the rural world, confined religious festivals, farm workers or simply the life that made its way, despite to the virus.

Manu Brabo focuses on his native Gijón; while Judith Prat addresses the work of caregivers or Susana Girón the turn that life gives to a new way of relating. Javier Fergo travels to the most vulnerable places; José Colón develops a good part of his work in nursing homes. For his part, Olmo Calvo tells us, in the first person, how his partner goes through the last stage of pregnancy and the birth of their daughter; while Anna Surinyach describes the day-to-day life of the toilets and Isabel Permuy follows the day-to-day life of the confinement of two actresses in the center of Madrid.

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