Dénia Hospital hosts a critical exhibition with the food market

24 September 2019 - 10: 18

Greediness It is an analysis of the current food market in countries "Developed". Through the exhibition, the artist invites you to reflect on food and everything that happens in your environment. Banet proposes the project as an approach to the main issues related to food in today's society. In this way, it creates a specific scenography for the development of a critical and constructive discourse around nutrition, health and environmentalism.

Food, as one of the great challenges of the coming decades, is a recurring theme and which Rosalia Banet has profusely addressed throughout her artistic career. Issues such as food imbalance, which oscillates between hunger and excess; the different toxins that abound in our food; or the unsustainable amount of waste generated by our society, places food at the center of a debate full of social, cultural, political and environmental aspects.

Rosalía Banet's work was awarded the DKV Casa de Velázquez Artistic Residence Scholarship in the year 2018. During the period of his residence he developed this project, in which he has continued working later, linking these works with previous ones, also related to food and food treatment in the media and current society.

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