El Greco, from a ghost town to a dangerous graffiti art gallery

November 01 from 2022 - 09: 10

At the top of the Lloma de Castanyar de Dénia rests the skeleton of the El Greco urbanization, a huge real estate complex that was called to be one of the largest developments on the coast of the Marina Alta. However, the project was paralyzed to protect the area, so the houses that now pose naked on the slopes of the Montgó were never finished.

Equally by its name it costs a bit to locate it, since for years it has assumed another by which it is known today among the population of Dénia: the ghost town. These dozens of houses to be finished have been for years surrounded by legends that encouraged the youngest to visit El Greco at night, not for nothing is it one of the ten most terrifying places in Dénia. However, during the day now he receives a very different type of visitor, who has seen on his forgotten walls a canvas to use to unleash his art.

For a few years, different urban artists have taken over the place to create murals on its walls and project works where before there was only the boring gray of nude material. In a short time, graffiti has been imposed on the forgotten and abandoned urbanization.

However, some dianenses muralists point out that it is a very dangerous place to practice, since there are constant collapses due to the state of abandonment of the structures. They urge to avoid the complex to paint, as there is a chance that the artists could get hurt. Although, even so, some enter the rubble urbanization to continue shaping his art.

Anyway, the colorful image that its facades show today has little to do with the grayish face that frightened young people a few years ago. Now, El Greco is practically an urban art gallery, perhaps the most inaccessible in the entire Marina Alta.

  1. Pepa says:

    It would be nice to make some arrangements, I've never visited it but from what I'm reading I feel like going now. Graffiti is art and there are talents for it.

  2. sylvie broudin says:

    C'est bien que des artistes transforment ces ruines. Merci à eux. From the ruines to the beautiful randos you will see Le Cap de San Antoni, the tower, etc.

  3. peixon says:

    Very good article. I love the graphic work and the idea of ​​the article.

  4. Luis says:

    You can see a few very interesting, the Cholbi is good.

  5. Ignacio says:

    Well, graffiti artists have unknowingly created something very interesting. That arranged and well managed gives to be visited by professionals of the Urban Art that are many in all the Countries. I'm serious.

  6. Roberto Rosello says:

    They wait for someone to have an accident to consider knocking it down, as always.